The girls of Adamas Squadron.

Adamas Squadron is one of twelve Rocket Fighter squadrons tasked with the defence of Glacies.

Glacies appears to have no battle ships, relying entirely on their Rocket Fighter vanships. Known as the "Winged Priestesses", the all-female squadrons are highly respected by the general population of the country.

Adamas Squadron is comprised of at least 18 Rocket Fighters. As each Rocket Fighter has both a pilot and a navi, the squadron therefore has at least 36 members.

Eleven of Glacies' twelve Rocket Fighter squadrons were destroyed by the invading fleets of Ades in the episode Bad Move. Only Adamas Squadron survived, due to Millia warning them about Ades new anti-vanship weapons just before they were about to engage.

It is known that they have joined forces with Anti-Luscinia forces (specifically with Vasant).

Known MembersEdit


  • "Adamas" (Αδαμας) means "diamond" in Greek.
  • The nickname "Winged Priestesses" may be a reference to "Flying Witches", the German name for a female squad of Russian pilots during World War II.

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