The Ades First Fleet

The Ades First Fleet is one of the five fleets composing the Ades navy. Its flagship is the Anshar, which is commanded by Sadri.

This fleet seems to be the oldest operating fleet of Ades as many of its ships are older model battleships, neverthless the first fleet is still a formidable force.


The First Fleet has been pursuing the Silvius with the intent of capturing it, albeit with no success. In the episode Distraction it suffered heavy losses from chasing Silvius to the border of Glacies, where it was attacked by Glacian Rocket Fighters. In the same engagement, its flagship Anshar was sunk by Fam Fan Fan and Millia, who shot its Claudia fuel tank with a anti-claudia pistol. Sadri chose to abandon ship to save the experienced crew of the Anshar.


The first fleet is mostly composed of standard Ades Battle Ships and Old Federal Battleships

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