2nd fleet

The Ades Second fleet on the assault of Glacies

The Ades Second Fleet is one of the major fleets composing the Ades Federation Navy, its flagship is the Raktavija and commanded by Kayvān

The second fleet's role is quite ambigous in the series but it is stated that it is the most feared annihilation unit of the Ades navy, the battleships comprising this fleet seems to be designed for sieges, direct assaults on enemy forces, and attacking heavily fortified cities or military installations as they are bulkier compared to other ships in other fleets probably due to heavy armor, they also seem to wield a tremedous firepower for bombarding enemy units out.


The second fleet was one of the major participating fleets during the invasion of Glacies bombarding the stronghold, it was one of the major fleets to experience first losses due to surprise attacks made by Glacian defense cannons, along with the third and fourth fleet it also suffered heavy losses from the defensive mechanism of the Glacies Exile.

It was also the fleet that assaulted the Turanian capital Iglasia.

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