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In Glacies, Ōrang and Sorūsh discuss how unfortunate it is that Ades soldiers now have to fight amongst themselves.

Vasant's joint forces head fo Boreas, where the third and fourth fleets are waiting. Vasant has a meeting with Ōrang and Sorūsh in which Sorūsh criticizes her for bringing Sārā Augusta into the line of fire, saying she's using the Augusta as a human shield. After the meeting, Ōrang expresses hesitance to fire on Sārā's ship, but Sorūsh says the Augusta can be replaced if necessary.

The battle commences. While Fam Fan Fan and Giselle Collette have had their Vespa outfitted for battle, Fam hesitates in combat. She eventually purges the guns, saying she is a pirate, not a soldier.

Ōrang has a flashback to when he and Sorūsh were young. While Ōrang became a soldier because he had genuine faith in Farahnāz Augusta's ideals and vision for the future, Sorūsh just became one for the glory.

Fam tells the Sky Pirates to target the Senapati. They attempt to capture it, but their harpoons don't work. Sorūsh gives orders to fire on Sārā's ship. However, Ōrang cannot forget his loyalty to the Augusta, and opens fire on Sorūsh. The Senapati begins a suicide charge against Sārā's ship and is destroyed. Sārā cries over Sorūsh's death.

The joint forces capture Boreas. After the battle, Sārā refuses to speak to Vasant. Millia sees a vanship being flown by Dio Eraclea, who is wounded, and carrying Alvis E. Hamilton.

In Glacies, Luscinia Hāfez recites the Mysteria of the White Legacy.

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  • The automaton chess player, also known as the mechanical turk, was a fake chess-playing machine built around the end of the 18th century and operated through levers and other machinery by a human chess master hidden inside its cabinet.

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