Episode Details

  • Episode Title: Castling Lucciola
  • Episode Number: 23
  • Series: Last Exile
  • Original Air Date: 9/8/2003
  • English Air Date: 12/17/2004

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Lucciola has a flashback to when Delphine Eraclea gave him to Dio as a gift. Dio was the one who gave Lucciola his name.

On the Guild Fortress, Maestro Delphine uses Guild medical technology to revive the losers of the Trial of Agoon. Elsewhere, the Alliance forces prepare to move against the Guild. The Silvana and Urbanus head to rescue Alvis from the Maestro, while the other Alliance ships begin the Claudia Unit Capture Operation. As the Silvana and Urbanus approach the Guild Fortress, seven Guild Battle Ships arrive with Exile in tow.

Mullin Shetland and Dunya Scheer are among the musketeers who fight to secure the Claimh Solais's Claudia Unit. During the battle, Mullin is shot. The Claudia Unit begins detaching, but Mullin jams the mechanism with his musket. He then passes out.

Maestro Delphine receives word of the Alliance attack. She orders the recall of all Anatoray and Disith Claudia Units, leaving Claus, Alvis, Dio, and Lucciola alone while she deals with the situation. Lucciola has a flashback to a time when Dio shared food with him; it was the first time Dio referred to him as a friend. Lucciola takes Claus to a vanship, telling him to escape with Dio and Alvis. He gives Alvis a Guild communication device that will allow her to contact the Silvana's Claudia Unit. He then runs off to confront Maestro Delphine, setting off several explosions behind him. Lucciola fights and kills Cicada, then requests that Delphine grant Dio his freedom. Delphine instructs Lucciola to take her ring; Lucciola does so, and is disintegrated.

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  • In chess, castling is a move where the king switches place with a rook. In Castling Lucciola, Lucciola trades his life for Dio's freedom.

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