Episode Details

  • Episode Title: Develop
  • Episode Number: 11
  • Series: Last Exile
  • Original Air Date: 6/16/2003
  • English Air Date: 3/13/2004

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Dio and Lucciola are taken as prisoners of war by the crew of the Silvana.

The Emperor of Anatoray has lost trust in the Silvana. He decides that Alvis should be transfered to the Urbanus.

Alex Row has a flashback to encountering Exile in the Grand Stream. He then meets with Dio, who tells him the Mysterion of House Eraclea. Alex assigns Claus to be Dio's supervisor. Sophia asks Alex if it is right to let Dio and Lucciola stay on the ship. Meanwhile, they receive a message from Urbanus.

Alex goes to meet Vincent Alzey, captain of the Urbanus, at Carmel Lighthouse. Claus and Alister fly escort. Alister mentions that the stars have become unreliable for navigation lately. Alex meets Vincent, but refuses to hand over Al or the Mysteria, even though this means the Urbanus and the Silvana will become enemies.

Sophia receives a messenger pigeon from Marius Bassianus.

Dio, curious about the Silvana's Claudia Unit, is introduced to chief engineer Recuise Dagobert. Recuise mentions that the Guild has been neglecting maintenance of the device that controls the weather on Prester, endangering all life on the world.

Dio tells Al the Mysterion of House Eraclea. Al begins glowing and there is massive surge in the Silvana's Claudia pressure as Al gives the response.

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  • In chess, the term "develop" refers to moving a piece from its original square to make it more active.
  • When Al hears the Mysterion, there is a closeup of the Silvana's Claudia pressure gauge. The gauge is labeled ΑΝΤΙΜΑΤΕΡ, which is a transliteration of ANTIMATTER.

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