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The Silvius is ambushed by Anshar and a fleet of Ades Battle Ships at the border of Glacies. Glacies detects the ships, and dispatches Rocket Fighters to engage them.

Fam Fan Fan wants to participate in the battle because she feels responsible for leading the ships to Silvius, but she is told to leave it to the professionals. The Silvius deploys flights of Military Vanships and attempts to break though the Ades forces and reach Glacies.

Fam decides to head into the battle in her Vespa, with Millia in the navi seat.

The Silvius uses its array of jet-propelled armor-piercing shells to break through a mountain range into Glacies airspace. The Ades fleet follows, and is attacked by Glacies' Rocket Fighters.

Fam and Millia see a damaged Rocket Fighter in danger of crashing and use their vanship to support it until the pilot, Primula, returns to consciousness and regains control. They then perform an attack against the Anshar. Millia fires a round into the Anshar's Claudia tank, causing the fuel to leak out, and Sadri orders the ship to be evacuated as it sinks.

Giselle Collette breaks down crying on seeing Fam and Millia return.

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  • Also known as a deflection, a distraction involves luring an enemy piece away from a good square; typically, away from a square on which it defends another piece or threat.
  • All Glacies' pilots speak Russian very properly, but with heavy Japanese accent, except Viola who is voiced by the Russian actress.
  • The ending sequence is replaced by a photo montage of ships stolen by Fam and Giselle, and the ending song ("Starboard [Silky Wind ver.]") is sung in some indiscernible language sometimes resembling English.

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