"Deep in the past, / Countless people who live on earth / polluted earth and sky in abandon, and / the divine judgment were given in the end. / Raging storm, / earthquake, / and flood drown out everything. / So people refuged in the sand clock / in the end of sky. / Till the returning day has come..."
Anatoray creation legend

Earth is the third planet in the solar system and the source of all human life. It is sometimes called the Blue Star or the Star of Blue.

The Earth and the Earth Regeneration PlanEdit

The distant future. The economic priorities of certain superpowers based on consumption came to a halt as global warming advanced. The melting of the glaciers caused sea levels to rise and catastrophic weather events. It was predicted that Earth would no longer be able to support life in 100 years. The Earth Regeneration Plan was put into operation. The plan was to evacuate Earth and allow the planet to heal itself. To speed up the process, Earth was covered in nanomachines built to assist the planet's recovery.

The Earth RevivedEdit

After the Earth Regeneration Plan finished over a period of 600 years or so, the signal for humans to return was sent out. Earth's geology had changed with natural borders and famous landmarks and formations no longer visible. The Earth's magnetic poles have also shifted.

Fam the Silver WingEdit

Earth is the primary setting for Last Exile:Fam The Silver Wing. Specifically, the region in which the action is set seems to be the Mediterranean basin turned upside down, with the North African region being the north coast of the Grand Lake and the European region the southern coast of the Grand Lake. Western Europe is now in the east and Eastern Europe and the Middle East now in the west due to the change of magnetic poles over the 600 year period of restoration. While modern borders and famous landmarks have all disappeared, a trace of the pre-catastrophic Earth can still be seen within the new geographic arrangement. The Grand Lake is apparently of what is left of the former Mediterranean Sea, which is now closed off from the Atlantic, with the Black Sea also widening out and becoming part of the Grand Lake. The Suez and Gulf of Aqaba region can still be recognized in the current geography of the region.

It is implied by Luscinia that the Earth hasn't fully regenerated yet as many of the nations on Earth are highly concentrated on the Grand Lake region (Meditteranean) and that the cause of the war is to protect the world's dwindling resources. It is possible that the remainder of the planet is still a desolate wasteland or it just assumed to be since no exploration to other areas has been made in the case of Anatoray-Disith which was an unexplored area but harbored a great deal of wheat and grain supply something which other nations like Ades are scarce of.

List of Locations on EarthEdit

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