Activation of the Glacies Exile.

Disambiguation: this page is about the Glacies Exile. For the class of colony ship, see Exile.


Exile, also known as The Winged Goddess, is the Exile class colony ship which took the people of Glacies to a Prester Colony and later brought them back to Earth.

Unlike other nations, the people of Glacies did not leave their Exile in orbit once it had returned to Earth. Rather, they buried it beneath the ground where their capital city would be constructed, so that it could be used to defend them in the event of an attack.

However, cicumstantial evidence may indicate it is not an Exile at all, but a related defensive system. It does not operate like other Exiles, and serves as a defense structure, suspiciously in close proximity to the Grand Exile. The crest with Fam also has a total of 7 stars and moons, presumably with moons being Exiles in orbit, and stars being Exiles yet to return. The Mysteria for Glacies also make no reference to interstellar travel, and seem to imply a much more rooted origin. We know that mysteria are passed down through generations, and seem to be linked with their origins, making this exile yet another oddity.

The Key to Exile for the Glacies Exile is not revealed. Whether Dyan saying that "their Goddess is dead" following the Ades invasion refers to an actual key or the Exile itself is still unknown.


Exile was activated during the Ades invasion of Glacies, raising a massive wall that blocked the Ades fleets from reaching the capital and sunk many ships with its tentacle defenses. However, Ades countered by summoning the Turan Exile, which destroyed the Glacies Exile and leveled the capital.


The current status of this Exile is unknown, but according to Orang, it has completely stopped working. This is maybe due to the possibility that the Glacian leaders shut it down immediately after the Turanian Exile destroyed the walls that protected the Glacies Capital, and for another thing, Glacies "utilized" the full technological capabilities of the exile such as radar, and Ades still did not have this technology and the Elders did not want them to have it to shut down the Exile to allow itself to heal and be restarted after the War is finally over.

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