Last Exile character
Giancarlo before Delphine Eraclea
First appearance Calculate Alex
Last appearance Swindle
Created by Range Murata
Voiced by Japanese
Shigeru Ushiyama
Hans-Gerd Kilbinger
Japanese Text ジャンカルロ
Age 43
Gender Male
Date of birth G.D621
Date of death G.D664
Nationality Anatoray
Occupation Auctioneer
Manager of Horizon Cave

Giancarlo (ジャンカルロ Jankaruro) is the manager of Horizon Cave.

Giancarlo runs Horizon Cave, including the black market auctions held there. He sells an artifact allegedly related to Exile to Maestro Delphine Eraclea for 50 billion Claudia. When she discovers the artifact to be fake, she expresses her "gratitude" by giving him one of her rings, which disintegrates him when he touches it.

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