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As the Joint Forces battle Sadri and the Grand Exile's automated defenses, Fam Fan Fan and Giselle Collette attempt to convince Luscinia Hāfez to surrender. However, Lusciana points out that mere ideals won't acheive peace, and that he believes his method is the only solution. He also reveals that the Grand Exile was supposed to carry away the people left behind after the original Exiles left, but the ship was never completed. Fam counter by telling Lusciana that she has learned that simple ideals won't be enough, but is still important that she can dream about peace. She tells Lusciana how the First Grand Race inspired her to make the world a more peaceful place, and how similar actions can inspire future generations to do the same. Moved by Fam's speech, Lusciana aborts the firing sequence of the Grand Exile's lasers and returns Sara to Fam and Giselle, telling them to escape the Grand Exile before it is destroyed. Fam then suspects that Lusciana had planned this to happen all along, and asks him to come with them so Sārā Augusta won't lose anybody else. Lusciana refuses and stays behind, eventually being killed by the falling debris.

As the Grand Exile begin falling apart, the Joint Forces begin to escape. Sadri orders his remaining forces to surrender to the Allied Forces and escape as well. Sadri then gives his locket to Guzel, instructing her to deliver it to Fam, who he is certain is his granddaughter. He smiles as he sees Fam escaping the Grand Exile before his ship is destroyed by falling debris. Fam and Giselle manage to escape the Grand Exile before it crashes and return Sara safely.

Afterwards, under the leadership of Sārā, Millia, and Sophia, the nations of the world declare peace and disarm their navies. Ōrang is made the new premier of the Ades Federation, since Sorūsh turned down the offer, instead contemplating learning how to fly a vespa. Fam receives Sadri's locket and realizes that he was her grandfather, and breaks down in tears over how she stepped on his feet so many times, and how they will never be able to know each other better. Sārā and Millia organize the Second Grand Race, where many pilots, including Fam, Dyan, Tatiana, and Dio join to compete. Claus and Lavie also arrive to witness the race and reunites with Alvis. Even though Claus is crippled, his friends reassure him that one day they will able to fly together again. Dio ends up taking first place, with Tatiana is second and Dyan in third. However, after inspecting Dio's craft after the race, he was disqualified and Fam and Giselle became third. Everyone celebrates the end of the race, with the final shot showing Fam and Giselle celebrating together.

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  • Grandmaster is the highest rank one can achieve in chess.
  • Near the end of the episode, when the mechanics of the Sillvana makes their apperance, Mullin Shetland can be seen next to Ethan spewing a fireball, though this is based on his or a similar looking person's facial appearnce.

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