A game of Guild-style chess being played.

Guild-style Chess is a form of chess played by characters in both Last Exile and Last Exile - Fam, The Silver Wing.


In Guild-style chess, there are five pieces instead of the regular six:

  • King
    The King has the ability to move in all six directions as many spaces as it can.
  • Queen
    The Queen can move in all six directions but only by one space.
  • Luke
    The Luke can only move up and down, left and right for any number of spaces.
  • Bishop
    The Bishop moves just like the Luke but diagonally.
  • Pawn
    The Pawn can forward one space either straight or diagonally.

The Game BoardEdit

The game is played on a six-by-seven panel board. Players line up their pieces on the six panel side.

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