Episode Details

  • Episode Title: Interesting Claus
  • Episode Number: 07
  • Series: Last Exile
  • Original Air Date: 5/19/2003
  • English Air Date: 3/11/2004

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Claus and Lavie take a military vanship and attempt to engage the Starfish assaulting the Silvana. Though they have no prior combat experience and thus little effect in the dogfight, Claus's flying attracts the interest of Dio Eraclea. Dio and Lucciola launch from the Guild Presence Ship in their personal Starfish so that Dio can toy with Claus. Claus tries to shoot Dio down, but Dio is a superior pilot; and when he runs out of bullets, Lavie suffers a red out and is unable to reload them.

Tatiana and Alister, returning from their mission, see the Silvana under attack. They try to help Claus, but are engaged by Lucciola.

Finally, the time limit of the operation passes and all of the Starfish return to the Guild Presence Ship as it moves out of combat range of the Silvana.

Tatiana harshly criticizes Claus's flying, saying that he should not be allowed to fly a military vanship, and says that Lavie is worthless as a navi if she has red outs.

The Silvana holds a dinner party to celebrate their victory over the Guild. Afterwards, however, Lavie breaks down crying.

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Anatoray characters

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Various phrases transliterated in Greek characters are visible at certain points throughout the episode.

  • Gauges on Claus's vanship read ΠΡΕΣΣΥΡΕ ΙΝΔΙΧΑΤΟΡ (PRESSURE INDICATOR) and Σπεεδ Ινδιχατορ (Speed Indicator). Both gauges have μανυφαχτυρεδ βψ ωανσηιπ γυιλδ (manufactured by vanship guild) at the bottom.
  • Dio's Starfish displays ΑΛΛ ΡΕΑΔΨ (ALL READY) upon startup, ΛΟΧΚ ΟΝ (LOCK ON) when targeting Claus's vanship, and ΟΠΕΡΑΤΙΟΝ ΧΟΜΠΛΕΤΙΟΝ (OPERATION COMPLETION) when recalled to the Guild Presence Ship.

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