The Joint Forces are a military alliance organized by General Vasant in the wake of the Ades invasion of Glacies, which cost the lives of her fellow countrymen from Chaos. The goal of the alliance is to overthrow Premier Luscinia Hāfez, ending The Ades Unification War and bringing peace to Earth.

The forces of the Joint Forces are drawn from a variety of sources. Initially, they consisted of General Vasant of Ades, leading the Fifth Fleet; Princess Millia of Turan, leading the remaining Turanian forces which didn't follow her sister Liliana; Dyan of Glacies, leading the surviving girls of Adamas Squadron; and Atamora Collette, leading the Sky Pirates. Sārā Augusta, the Empress of Ades, was ostensibly the overall leader of the Joint Forces, though she was chosen primarily as a figurehead and all actual command decisions were made by Vasant.

After the First Battle of Boreas, in which the Joint Forces captured the fort of Boreas to use as their headquarters, they were joined by General Ōrang and the Third Fleet. After the Second Battle of Boreas, they also negotiated a cease-fire with General Sadri and the First Fleet.

Joint Forces MembersEdit

Joint Forces ShipsEdit

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