"Mullin, why do you suppose we were born into a world like this? I wish that I could've been born into a world where you didn't starve, or freeze, or get blown away by cannons."
"I'll keep you safe."
"I said I will keep you safe."
"Come on. You can't and you know it."
Dunya Scheer and Mullin Shetland[src]
Mullin Shetland

Last Exile character
Mullin Shetland at Casino Royale
First appearance First Move
Created by Range Murata
Voiced by Japanese
Shinichirō Miki
Dave Wittenberg
Stephan Schleberger
Japanese name モラン・シェトランド
Greek name Μυλλιν Σητλανδ
Age 19
Gender Male
Date of birth G.D646
Nationality Anatoray
Occupation Musketeer
Known relatives Dunya Scheer (wife)
Height 170

Mullin Shetland is a 19-year-old rifleman of Claimh Solais, an Anatoray Battle Ship.

Character OutlineEdit


According to the Last Exile's artbooks, he is 170cm tall. He has messy short brown hair, and grey eyes. At the end, he has incipient facial hair.


He has a soft spot for pretty girls, but is definitely not a player. Honest to the point of bluntness, he blurts out his feelings for Tatiana, and later for Dunya.



Mullin at the Third Battle of Minagith.

He previously served on the Brionac and the Ulster. He earned 19 medals, thanks to surviving the battles. He needs only one medal to become promoted out of the rifleman line. He was also a Silvana mechanic, but later returned to the battles. It is implied that he may have liked Lavie, and he had also admitted his feelings for Tatiana. Later on he has a good relationship with Dunya Scheer from Disith, and it seems that they fall in love with each other, when Mullin asks her to go on the same ship together. Shetland appears to die at the end of the series after being shot while attempting to stop the Guild, but the final scene shows him alive and living together with Dunya and her younger siblings.


Dunya ScheerEdit

Is the final girl he falls for, and the only one who returns his feelings. In the last scene he is shown living on a farm with Dunya and her younger siblings. The little girl has inherited the stuffed goat.

Concept ArtEdit

Spheres 1

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