Last Exile Music StaffEdit

Producer: Yoshimoto Ishikawa

Music: Dolce Triade

Sound Producer: Kei Itoh

Chief Engineer: Kei Itoh

Engineer: Toshihiro Ayano

Assistant Engineers: Yasuo Hiruma, Kazunori Yoshida

Opening Theme: "Cloud Age Symphony" written and produced by Shuntaro Okino

Ending Theme: "Over The Sky" written and produced by Hitomi Kuroishi

Mastering Engineer: Hiroshi Kawasaki

Promoters: Shosei Ito, Yoshinori Sugawara

Fam, The Silver Wing Production StaffEdit

Music: Hitomi Kuroishi

Sound Producer: Keiichi Itoh

Engineer: Keiichi Itoh

Assistant Engineers: Yuta Yoneyama, Masayuki Haru, Toshiyuki Kawahito

Opening Theme: "Buddy" written and produced by Maaya Sakamoto, composed by Ryō Eguchi and School Food Punishment, arranged by Ryō Eguchi

Ending Theme: "Starboard" written, produced, composed, and arranged by Hitomi Kuroishi

Mastering Engineer: Hiroshi Kawasaki

Promoter: Mariko Kondoh

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