The No-Quater/Extermination Squad is a group of elite assasins and saboteurs who are fast and capable of assasinating and sabotaging enemies of the Ades Federation.


As assasins and agents, they hide their identities by painting their faces with white and strips of black to ensure that no one knows of their identities, if they were ever to survive their deadly assault. They are armed with large swords and are able to kill anyone that are of threat and danger to the Ades Federation or at least, to Premier Luscinia Hafez with great precision and brutality. They are also capable of running fast, which allows them to evade assaults by the enemies and decimate them by slashing their bodies with their swords. Their speed and deadliness is proven when the weapons and engines of the Silvius were swiftly breached and disabled, leading to the sinking of the ship.

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