A section of Norkia


Norkia is the birthplace and home of Claus Valca and Lavie Head. It is one the only cities actually shown in the anime other than the Anatoray capital.

Norkia is built into the side of a mountain from which Claudia is mined. Runoff from the mines collects in the canals, causing them to glow blue in the dark, but it is illegal for ordinary citizens to gather the valuable mineral.

Norkia is home to many vanship pilots and hosts a regular race, the Norkia Cup Race.

Later in the series, some parts of Norkia suffer severe damage when a large chunk of the Guild Maestro Delphine's fortress breaks off and crashes to the ground nearby, raising an enormous shockwave that topples buildings and injures many.


  • On the Walker Palace menu seen in Episode 8, Norkia is spelled with the Greek characters Νορδχια. The menu also seems to indicate that there are other cities called Eastkia (Ιστδχια) and Weskia (Ψεσδχια), and that the standard water quality in Norkia is Tenth water.