Episode Details

  • Episode Title: Positional Play
  • Episode Number: 05
  • Series: Last Exile
  • Original Air Date: 5/5/2003
  • English Air Date: 3/10/2004

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Alex Row stops the Starfish pursuing Alvis, killing its pilot with one shot of his gun-cane. Alex gives Claus and Lavie payment for completing the job, then takes Al aboard the Silvana and departs.

Claus, concerned for Al's safety, decides to go after her. He patches the bullet damage to his vanship and siphons Claudia from the Starfish to refuel it. Lavie is initially reluctant to the idea, but agrees after realizing Al left behind the stuffed goat.

Using the Guild fuel, Claus and Lavie are able to catch up to the Silvana. Despite being fired upon, they manage to crash-land on the flight deck. They are taunted by the Mechanics, who play keep-away with the stuffed goat. They are rescued by Tatiana, who gives Claus the goat back before leaving to inform the Emperor that the Silvana has received the cargo.

Claus and Lavie make it to the bridge, then Claus passes out from his injuries.

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Anatoray characters

Silvana crew members

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  • In chess, positional play is play characterized by the maneuvering for long-term advantage rather than short-term attacks or threats.

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