Episode Details

  • Episode Title: Queen Delphine
  • Episode Number: 22
  • Series: Last Exile
  • Original Air Date: 9/1/2003
  • English Air Date: 12/16/2004

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The Urbanus joins back up with the Silvana in the Grand Stream.

At the Guild Fortress, Dio begins the Rite of the Covenant. Maestro Delphine Eraclea doesn't stay to watch, caring only about the result of the trial; she brings Claus and Alvis onto her personal Guild Battle Ship and flies out to Exile. Exile's defense systems recognize Al and don't attack the Maestro's ship. Delphine reveals the true nature of Exile to Claus: it is the colony ship that originally brought humans to Prester.

At Horizon Cave, the Alliance musketeers prepare for the Claudia Unit Capture Operation.

On the Silvana, Lavie finishes repairs on her and Claus's vanship.

Maestro Delphine has Alex Row brought to the bridge of her flagship, crucified and wrapped in rose vines. The roses' thorns contain a truth serum which forces Alex to answer Delphine's questions. She makes him recite the Mysteria of House Dagobert and House Hamilton, eliciting a reaction from Exile. When she demands the Mysterion of House Bassianus, however, Alex reveals that he gave it to Sophia Forrester without reading it himself. Delphine angrily issues orders for Sophia to be captured and brought to her.

A transmission informs Delphine that Dio has won the Trial of Agoon and claimed the Sword of the Covenant. Unable to proceed with the capture of Exile without the third Mysterion, Delphine orders her flagship back to the Guild Fortress so she can congratulate him.

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  • The floor of the arena where the Trial of Agoon is held has the words ΓΡΑΝΔ ΣΤΡΕΑΜ ("GRAND STREAM") written on it.
  • Maestro Delphine's flagship has the phrase γυιλδ γετσ ωορλδ ("guild gets world") written on it.

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