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In a flashback, Luscinia brings Liliana to Iglasia after its demise. Liliana wants to avenge her father but Luscinia warns her that killing him will only lead to a massive civil war in Ades that decides who will take over as Premier and the Exile nations will use the war to their advantage. Nevertheless, he allows her to kill him if she promises she can bring peace to the world. Realizing he is right, Liliana joins Luscinia's cause.

In the present, both sides' fleets mourn the death of Liliana; as Dyan and Magnolia are thrown in jail, which the former regrets after realizing the consequences of her actions. Millia apologizes to her late sister for being naive as to why she joined Luscinia. Fam Fan Fan also realizes how naive she was in thinking peace could make people forget their hatred. Luscinia and Alauda gives their condolences to Liliana as well and tells Fam and Giselle to stick to their dreams and protect Millia as that was Liliana's last wish.

With the peace talks a failure, Luscinia and Alauda enact their final plans. The 1st and 2nd fleets suddenly depart, much to the rebels' confusion. Alauda and his assassins attempt to kidnap Al again at the Silvius but Dio kills him. Meanwhile, Luscinia attempts to take Sārā Augusta with him. Vasant tries to stop him but she ends up being killed by him. As Luscinia brings Sara to Northern Glacies, Sadri and Kayvān's fleets prevent Ōrang's Third fleet from going after him. Fam apologizes to Millia for her selfishness and vows that she and Giselle Collette will help her anyway they can. After arriving at the "Ancient Goddess", Luscinia bows to "Maestro" Sara and recites three Mysteria, revealing that Sara is a Key to Exile and that her Exile, the Grand Exile, is buried there. As the Grand Exile takes off, Luscinia activates its powerful beam cannons miles away from the battle zone, and the Sky Pirates witness the destruction of both the Second and Third fleets.

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  • If a pawn reaches the eighth rank in a game of chess, the player promotes the piece to a knight, bishop, rook, or queen. Queening is the term for promoting a pawn to a queen.
  • This episode uses the song "Grand Exile" in place of the normal ending theme.

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