Episode Details

  • Episode Title: Resign
  • Episode Number: 26
  • Series: Last Exile
  • Original Air Date: 9/29/2003
  • English Air Date: 12/22/2004

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The Alliance engages the Guild over the Gateway as Exile attacks both sides indiscriminately. The Alliance suffers the loss of one fourth of their ships, but Sophia Forrester orders that they continue the engagement until Claus and Lavie arrive with Alvis and the Mysteria.

In the Grand Stream, Dio is confused and thinks he's back racing in Horizon Cave. He out-flies Claus and Lavie; but then, noticing Lucciola's absence, recalls an insensitive comment he once made and is overcome with grief. He falls out of his vanship.

In Disith, the dwindling Alliance forces prepare for a last-ditch attempt to penetrate Exile's defences and sink Maestro Delphine Eraclea's flagship. The Silvana charges the Maestro's flagship as the remaining Alliance forces shoot a path through Exile's tentacles; the Urbanus crashes in the process.

Aboard the Maestro's flagship, Delphine is toying with the crucified Alex Row when he unexpectedly rips one hand free and grasps the Maestro's neck, strangling her to death.

As its dragged down by Exile's tentacles, the Silvana opens fire on Delphine's flagship. Wina Lightning hears Alex say Euris' name just before the ship explodes, but tells Sophia that Alex said her name.

Claus and Lavie see the light from the explosion and complete their crossing of the Grand Stream. With Alvis' arrival, Exile ceases its attacks. Claus speaks the four Mysteria to Al, causing Exile to shed its cocoon, disperse the Grand Stream, and stabilize the climate of Prester.

Inside Exile, Claus and Lavie find their fathers' crashed vanship, and their remains.

Exile departs Prester and brings a number of people to Earth. In the final scene, Claus and Lavie are seen living on a farm along with Alvis, Tatiana Wisla, Alister Agrew, Dunya Scheer, Dunya's siblings, Mullin Shetland, Holly Mad-thane, and the racing bird Sleepyhead.

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  • In chess, to resign is to concede the game.
  • The Greek writing on Alex's grave reads Αλεξ Ρω Κοιμασαι αιώνιος ("Alex Row Eternal Rest").

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