Episode Details

  • Episode Title: Rook Dio
  • Episode Number: 21
  • Series: Last Exile
  • Original Air Date: 8/25/2003
  • English Air Date: 12/15/2004

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After their successful mission to attach an anchor cable to Exile, Claus and Dio return to the Silvana to find the crew missing. When they reach the bridge, they find Maestro Delphine Eraclea sitting in the captain's chair. Delphine has Alvis hostage, and demands that Claus and Dio return with her to the Guild Fortress. They are forced to accept.

In the hangar, Alex Row kills several Guild Agents, allowing Tatiana and Alister Agrew to escape on a vanship with Sophia Forrester. When Delphine comes to the hangar, Alex attempts to kill her as well, but she uses her servants and Alvis as human shields. Alex guns down her servants but hesitates to shoot at Alvis; he rushes the Maestro, but Cicada brings him down just before he can reach her.

The vanship takes Sophia to the Urbanus, which flees the area. Delphine departs the Silvana with Claus, Dio, Al, Alex, Cicada, and Lucciola, bringing them all to the Guild Fortress. She gives Claus and Al a tour, showing them all of the decadent pleasures the Guild enjoys. Meanwhile, Dio is forced to undergo brainwashing in preparation for his participation in the Trial of Agoon in the upcoming Rite of the Covenant.

At Horizon Cave, Mullin Shetland and Dunya Scheer prepare for the Alliance assault against the Guild on the next day, Covenant Day. Mullin vows to protect Dunya.

In the Grand Stream, a Guild Battle Ship attempts to sink the Silvana. The Silvana tries to escape by hiding in the clouds.

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  • The walls inside the Guild Fortress bear the phrases διρεχτ χοντρολ υνιτ ("direct control unit") and εξιλε ρετυρν το εαρτη ("exile return to earth").

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