Episode Details

  • Episode Title: Sealed Move
  • Episode Number: 24
  • Series: Last Exile
  • Original Air Date: 9/15/2003
  • English Air Date: 12/20/2004

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The explosions set off by Lucciola cause a large section of the Guild Fortress to break off. Claus flies his vanship out of the debris as it crashes to the ground near Norkia. The massive impact creates a shockwave which damages the town and injures many people. Claus, Alvis, and Dio are brought to the Mad-thane estate, which has been converted into a makeshift hospital. Claus and Alvis leave Dio in the nurses' care and fly their vanship to the ruins of Claus and Lavie's house.

The Alliance fleet heads for the Grand Stream with the objective of killing Maestro Delphine Eraclea. They engage a number of Guild Battle Ships in aerial combat. While the cannons of the Anatoray Battle Ships are unable to penetrate the armor of the Guild warships, the vanship squadrons are able to sink many of them with a torpedo attack. Maestro Delphine orders the remaining warships to fall back to Exile's location, and the Alliance fleet pursues them into the Grand Stream.

Dio escapes from the hospital and steals a vanship.

Claus uses the Guild communication device given to Alvis by Lucciola to contact the Silvana. Sophia instructs Claus to bring Alvis to the Dragon's Fangs.

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Anatoray characters

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  • In chess, a sealed move is when a player is forced to guarantee his move before adjourning a lengthy game, to prevent him from having the advantage of using the duration of the break to think about it.
  • In the ruins of Claus and Lavie's house, Alvis finds a book written by Lavie which contains a lot of Greek writing.
    • The front cover reads Εγχειριδιο ("Manual").
    • Sections on the page are titled Χρονογραφ ("Chronograph"), Κομπας ("Compas"), Σπαρκ μετερ ("Spark meter"), and Κλαυδιερ γυαγε ("Claudia gauge").
    • Some of the writing may be a transliteration into Japanese rather than English, as the word βακα ("baka") can be seen.

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