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Ship One
Ship One destroying a Disith Battle Ship with a bomb
Name Ship One
Nickname Little Red Vanship
General characteristics
Class and type Military vanship
Length 8.64 m (28.35 in) total
7.2 m (23.62 in) body
Beam 2.41 m (7.91 in)
Wingspan 3.31 m (10.86 in)
Weight 1 740 kg (3 836 lbs) empty
1 340 kg (2 954.2 lbs) empty (without topedo)
2 515 kg (5 545 lbs) gross
Propulsion 2x 880 hp (2x 1 175 CP = Claudia force)
Power loading 1.43
Speed 380 knots (703.76 km/h; 437.3 mph) at 4 500 m (15 000 ft)
Range 800 nautical miles at 140 knots (259.28 km/h; 161.1 mph)
30 minutes at full speed with full load
2.5 hours at 240 knots (444.48 km/h; 161.1 mph)
Ceiling 13 500 m (44 300 ft)
Fuel 2 × 133.25 L (35.2 gal)
2 × 124.92 L (33 gal) drop tanks
Crew 2 + 1
Armament 2 × steam-driven 600 rpm machine guns with 200-round ammunition boxes
1x 400 kg (882 Ibs) torpedo

Ship One is a Military Vanship carried by the Silvana. It is piloted by Tatiana Wisla, with Alister Agrew as her navi.

Ship One is painted bright red, distinguishing it from the other vanships carried by the Silvana, which are all green or grey in color.

In Last Exile - Fam, The Silver Wing, Tatiana has become the captain of the Silvius, but she still keeps Ship One on hand to take out into combat herself when she deems necessary.

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