Episode Details

  • Episode Title: Sicilian Defense
  • Episode Number: 19
  • Series: Last Exile
  • Original Air Date: 8/11/2003
  • English Air Date: 12/13/2004

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Following the appearance of Maestro Delphine Eraclea at Sophia's coronation ceremony, the Silvana heads for the Dragon's Fangs. There, it meets up with the Urbanus, and Sophia returns to the Silvana. The plan is for Silvana and Urbanus, the only two Alliance ships with Claudia Units that are not under Guild control, to ascend to the Grand Stream and capture Exile. They will use acoustic torpedoes to locate objects in the Grand Stream, and Wina Lightning will identify Exile by the sound of its engines using the recording provided by the Disith. They hope to have Exile under their control by the time the operation to liberate the Claudia Units of the Alliance fleet begins on the 13th of Tragos, giving them six days to complete the operation.

Maestro Delphine orders the Claudia Unit recalled from a Disith Battle Ship delivering water to drought-stricken Norkia, causing it to crash. David Mad-thane sees this and departs Norkia to join the Alliance fleet in preparation for war against the Guild.

At Horizon Cave, the musketeers and vanship pilots train for the Claudia Unit Capture Operation. Mullin Shetland bonds with Dunya Scheer.

Dio is upset about the upcoming Covenant Day, when he will be forced to undergo the Rite of the Covenant. To cheer him up, Alvis decides to throw him a surprise birthday party,

Silvana and Urbanus ascend to the Grand Stream and begin firing acoustic torpedos to locate Exile.

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  • In chess, the Sicilian Defense is a popular opening move by the black side.
  • When Urbanus fires an acoustic torpedo, a panel flips over to display ΛΑΥΝΧΗΕΔ ("LAUNCHED"). Below it, there are glowing screens which display phrases including οωερριδε ("override") and τορπεδο ονε αχτιωατε ("torpedo one activate").

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