Spirit of Grand Stream
Spirit of Grand Stream as seen in "Aerial Log"
Name Spirit of Grand Stream
General characteristics
Class and type Courier Vanship
Length 9.4 m (30.84 in) total
6.7 m (21.98 in) body
Beam 2.03 m (6.66 in)
Wingspan 2.29 m (7.51 in)
Weight 990 kg (2,183 lbs) empty
1,452 kg (3,201 lbs) gross
Propulsion 670 hp (900 CP = Claudia force)
Power loading 2.17
Speed max - 243 knots (450 km/h; 279.6 mph) at 3,000 m (10,000 ft)
cruising - 100 knots (185.2 km/h; 184.1 mph)
Range 1,000 nautical miles at 100 knots (185.2 km/h; 115.1 mph)
600 nautical miles at 200 knots (370.4 km/h; 230.2 mph)
Ceiling 8,300 m (27,230 ft)
Fuel 2 × 99.9 L (26.4 gal)
Crew 2+1

Spirit of Grand Stream is a courier-type vanship owned by Claus Valca and Lavie Head. They believe that it once belonged to their fathers, Hamilcar Valca and Georges Head; however, later in the series it is revealed to have originally belonged to Alex Row and Euris Bassianus.

Spirit of Grand Stream is different from all the others in the series; light and fast with exceptional acceleration like a racer, but also equipped with a unique hardened, ribbed hull. At the beginning of the series, Claus and Lavie lack the funds to fit their Vanship with a true racing engine. Instead, they have lightened it by drilling holes in its frame. This grants them an increased amount of speed and maneuverability. Lavie later acquires a booster for their Vanship as part of their preparation for the Norkia Cup Race.

Their ship's initial purpose however, makes it truly unique. It was specifically designed for what many would consider a fool's errand – an attempt to withstand the torrential winds of the Grand Stream and travel from Anatoray to Disith. Even though Disith makes the crossing regularly in huge capital ships, it is not uncommon for them to be destroyed in the attempt despite their size and power. Most believe that crossing the Stream (from Anatoray to Disith) in a Vanship to be impossible - but Claus and Lavie achieve this in the final episode, making their Vanship the only one to do so.

Trivia Edit

  • Though the vanship bears no markings in the series, the "Aerial Log" artbook shows phrases in Greek characters on the side. They read "Χλαυσ ςαλχα φατηερσ ωανσηιπ σπιριτ οφ γρανδ στρεαμ" (claus valca fathers vanship spirit of grand stream). After that it says XXXIXVIXII, which is most likely model number

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