A Starfish in flight


A Starfish on the ground

The Guild Fighter, commonly refered to as a Starfish, is a one-person combat ship employed by the Guild.

Starfish are capable of functioning in the air, on the ground, and underwater. A Starfish's wings can extend into arm-like appendages, allowing it to walk along the ground. Each Starfish is armed with a nose-mounted gun; they can also extend manipulator arms for grabbing things.  They also are able to be modified with a sort of sonar device for engines, enabling them to track down vanships from long range.  The frontal section also appears to have a form of shockwave weapon, as used by the starship first seen in the series to make a wave of water, attempting to damage Claus and Lavie's vanship in the claudia tunnels. The Claudia fuel used to power Starfish is of exceptional quality, far purer than that in most Vanships; as a result, Starfish are the fastest and most maneuverable ships on Prester. They do, however, appear to have a limited flight range, and can only engage for a short period before being forced to return to a Guild Presence Ship.

Starfish are highly durable, capable of enduring a great deal of punishment and continuing to function. The first Starfish seen in the series survives a collision with rocks, the close-range explosion of a Vanship, being dragged underwater, and going over a waterfall. However, a single well-placed shot can penetrate the cockpit and kill the pilot, as demonstrated by Alex Row.

Notable Starfish PilotsEdit

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