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A conference is held between the Joint Forces led by Vasant, Ōrang and Millia and the Ades loyalists led by Luscinia, Sadri and Liliana to discuss a peace treaty, with Sārā Augusta presiding. Fam Fan Fan, Giselle Collette, Tatiana, Alister, Atamora, Dyan and Magnolia are also in attendance. Luscinia reveals his actions of conquering the other nations was to save Earth as the Exile nations are depleting the planet's resources too fast. He had to forcefully unite the world under Ades rule in order save everyone from themselves no matter how many are sacrificed. Both sides start arguing against each other over each side's justification of their actions, particularly between Vasant and Luscinia. Having enough, Sārā orders both of them to stop as she doesn't want to see them fight anymore and asks Luscinia to abandon his plans and Vasant to let go of her desire for revenge against him. With Fam, Sadri and Ōrang supporting the notion as well, the other leaders follow suite which convinces both Vasant and Luscinia to make peace, ending the war.

As everyone celebrates the new peace at a party, not everyone is in a celebratory mood, particularly Dyan. Sadri has a dance with Fam and asks about her parents and family life, as he has a suspicion that he and Fam are related. Millia is secretly taken by a group of Turan officers who wants her to kill and overthrow Liliana from the throne for betraying Turan, but they are apprehended by Alauda and his men.

Alauda brings Millia to meet Luscinia at the Ruins of White, the former headquarters of the Guild. Luscinia reveals the history of the Guild; how they were tasked to save and protect the human race before becoming corrupt. Millia is reunited with Liliana and demands answers on why her sister help and supported Luscinia's actions. Liliana revealed she did it to help Luscinia save the world; even if her actions would make people hate her, she doesn't care as long as Millia was safe. The sisters are reconciled.

The next day, the signing of the peace ceremony is about to begin when Dyan attempts to assassinate Luscinia. Liliana takes the bullet. As Liliana dies in Luscinia's arms, causing him to grieve over losing another loved one, Millia runs towards her sister only to go into shock after the ability to control Turan's Exile transfers to her and having several visions, making Millia understand her sister's actions.

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  • A transposition in chess is a sequence of moves that results in a position which may also be reached by another, more common sequence of moves. Players sometimes use transpositions deliberately in order to avoid variations they dislike, lure opponents into unfamiliar or uncomfortable territory or simply to worry opponents. This should not be confused with transpose.
  • The song "Sorrows of Life" is used in place of the usual ending theme song.

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