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Luscinia Hāfez, Alauda, and Liliana recieve news that Vasant is plotting against them. Luscinia is unconcerned.

In the United Kingdom, Vincent says that they must hold out until Lady Sophia returns.

Millia, Fam Fan Fan, and Giselle Collette travel to Morvarid to meet with Vasant. Vasant convinced Sārā Augusta that Luscinia betrayed the wishes of Farahnāz Augusta. The girls and Sārā join Vasant in an anti-Luscinia alliance, which also includes the forces of the nations Batos and Rhaetus.

Fam sees the girls of Adamas Squadron in the palace and tries to greet Dyan. However, Dyan tells her that she can't be friends with the sister of the one responsible for the destruction of Glacies.

In Glacies, Ōrang and Sorūsh are ordered to head to the fortress city of Boreas, where Luscinia is currently located. At the same time, the Joint Forces are preparing to head to Boreas to fight Luscinia.

Near Boreas, Luscinia, Alauda, and Liliana find and activate the White Legacy.

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  • Triangulation is a tactic used in chess to put one's opponent in zugzwang, a situation where one player is put at a disadvantage because he has to make a move when he would prefer to pass and make no move.
  • Sorūsh and later Vasant are seen reading a book titled "GLACIES HISTORY & CUSTOM" (Greek, ΓΛΑΧΙΕΣ ΗΙΣTΟΡΨ & ΧΥΣTΟΜ).

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