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After demonstrating the power of the Grand Exile, Luscinia Hāfez delivers his ultimatum to the world: surrender to him or be destroyed. The Joint Forces quickly regroup and plan their attack. They plan to use their warships to break through Sadri's fleet and then use vanships to infiltrate the Grand Exile and rescue Sārā Augusta. Millia then asks Dyan to participate in the mission by acting as Alvis' pilot, since as a fellow Key to Exile she can sense Sārā's location. As the Joint Forces attack, they meet stiff resistance from both the First Fleet and the Grand Exile itself. However, Sorūsh suddenly reappears with the 4th fleet, revealing that he is still alive and sides with the Joint Forces. The United Kingdom of Anatoray-Disith fleet led by both Vincent Alzey and Sophia Forrester also arrives. With fresh reinforcements, the battle begins to turn in favor of the Joint Forces. To set an example, Luscinia fires one of the Grand Exile's lasers at Iglasia, forcing Millia to sacrifice the Turan Exile by using it to block the beam. Meanwhile, the vanship squadron, led by Tatiana, Dyan, and Fam Fan Fan, manages to infiltrate the Grand Exile after the Silvius manages to break through an opening in the hull. All of the vanships break off to engage Starfish while Fam and Giselle Collette continue on to find Sārā. Meanwhile, the Urbanus and Silvana manage to enter the Grand Exile as well. Finally, after flying through several areas of the Grand Exile, Fam and Gisey finally meet and confront Luscinia.

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  • A triple rook is a chess strategy in which three rooks are placed on the same file, much like tripled pawns. When this happens, only certain pieces can pass their territory without getting captured.

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