Turan's Transport Vanship
Turan Transport Vanship
(Kingdom of Turan)
Name Turan's Transport Vanship
General characteristics
Class and type Vanship
Length 19.2 m (63 ft)
Beam 4.816 m (15.8 ft)
Wingspan 4.877 m (16 ft)
Weight (Estimated) 2,267 kg (5,000 lbs) empty

5,443 kg (12,000 lbs) gross

Propulsion 488 hp (650 CP = Claudia force)
Speed max - 112 knots (207.4 km/h; 128.9 mph)
cruising - 100 knots (185.2 km/h; 115.1 mph)
Range 539.9 nautical miles (621.4 miles; 1000 km)
Ceiling 3,000 m (9,843 ft)
Fuel (Estimated) 2x 378.5 L (2x 100 gal)
Crew 3 + 4 + 20

Turan's Transport Vanship are a type of vanship which appear in Last Exile - Fam, The Silver Wing.

This is a passenger type of Vanship, used in kingdom of Turan.

It takes up to 20 passengers, and needs at least 2 people to pilot it (main pilot and a navi) plus one replacer, plus 4 additional inside 4 crow's nests.

It appears in early concept art for first Last Exile series - that is how Claus's vanship supposed to look like.

Gallery Edit

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